Sport England Families Fund – What’s Your Game

What's Your Game? is a four-year family project aiming to work with families with children aged 5-10 to improve and increase their levels of physical fitness in Sheffield, Hull, East Cambridgeshire and Torbay. Community facilitators will be working in these areas, building connections and resilience with local families to help them to deliver their own solutions.

We want families to tell us what makes a good place to live, what does the community do to improve things in their area, what kinds of things do residents do to help each other, what are the things that help residents to feel independent and in control and what helps residents to feel connected and sociable?

Through a unique community organising approach this project will capture people’s willingness to share, give their time and create solutions around increasing opportunities to improve physical activity, in a fun and meaningful way that will ultimately deliver good things in our neighbourhoods. This gentle informal approach can deliver real results and focuses on what communities do have rather than what they don’t, building on local assets either through people’s will, local facilities or both.

Contact: Cherry Shagan - Project Coordinator

Mobile:  07385 083873
Direct dial: 01905 334183

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