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The Ferry Project: emergency night shelter - Wisbech

For Andrew Harris, the Ferry Project’s emergency night shelter in Wisbech saved his life.

The shelter provides short-term accommodation for homeless people and helps them develop the skills for independent living. It can cater for up to 18 people, offering food, washing facilities and clothing as well as access to support services including health professionals.

“I lost everything,” said Andrew, who ended up on the streets after separating from his partner. “I was on the streets for about six months.”

While at the shelter, Andrew suffered a mini stroke and, following a brief stay in hospital, was diagnosed with a heart problem.

“Without going to the night shelter I probably wouldn’t be here now,” he said.

“It’s helped me no end. The staff were really good to me and I was well looked after, they did a lot for me. It’s a bit like a family.

“Another organisation helped me get back in touch with my daughter and things are really on the up now.”