Since 1969, we have grown organically and through mergers and acquisitions, to now be one of the largest housing associations in the UK. But we don’t seek growth for its own sake. We are ambitious to grow because we believe with size comes a greater opportunity to make a positive difference in more people’s lives, and a greater opportunity to deliver our charitable objectives.

We have developed a well-earned reputation for rescuing failing organisations, most notably Cosmopolitan in 2013, which was on the brink of being the first housing association to default on its loans. Our approach is to take over struggling businesses, safeguard the assets for their customers and society, identify the areas of value and integrate them into our business model with standardised processes and procedures. We believe that only acting decisively, combined with strong governance, robust financial management and a commitment to quality, ensures affordable housing can continue to support the most vulnerable in society.

A graph showing Sanctuary Group's growth since 1990


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